YOP043: Tara Magalski - Divine Lifestyles

August 11, 2015
Tara is a certified Holistic Health Coach (HHC) specializing in emotional eating & “spiritual” food, lifestyle entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, TV personality, and philanthropist.

Tara is a sassy, ambitious, self-care maven from the Hudson Valley, N.Y. Tara is the founder of Divine Lifestyles and taramagalski.com. Divine Lifestyles is a multi-media healthy lifestyle brand that provides tools to feed your spirit, mind & body by creating content that educates, inspires and transforms. 

As the creator of Divine Lifestyles, a weekly podcast and Healing is Hot TV, Tara’s mission is to create a platform to share her experiences with others who seek to live a happy, healthier, and purpose driven life. Whether struggling with a lack of energy, anxiety, major life change, addiction or weight loss, she has got it covered. Tara has developed a program for addicts in recovery using nutrition and wellness as a recovery tool and method of relapse prevention. She believes that nutrition should be at the core of all addiction and destructive lifestyle recovery.

Tara discovered that “health” is more than just eating kale, juicing, and working out. Her philosophy is that EVERYTHING IS FOOD. True “health” means looking at the whole picture, including all aspects of our lives: having a career we’re passionate about, engaging in fulfilling relationships, establishing a spiritual foundation, indulging in regular self-care, eating right, exercising, and most importantly giving back. When these primary foods are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary. 

Tara has been featured on FOX 5 LIVE, as a health expert, & CNBC.

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