Lost Tapes: Lisa Steadman - Having It All

May 9, 2017

Lisa Steadman is a best selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker, relationship expert, serial entrepreneur,and highly sought after voice for women who are ready to redefine what Having It All looks like.

From her best selling books including her runaway hit It’s A Breakup, Not A Breakdown to her hilarious and heartfelt Confessions Of An Imposter Mom, audiences around the globe rave about Lisa’s refreshingly real world take on the ages & relationship stages women find themselves in (single, dating, mating, marriage, motherhood, divorce, starting over) – and how to navigate each with humor, heart, and hustle.

Lisa’s creative charisma makes her an in-demand talent in the entertainment industry – both on camera as a host and behind the scenes as a consultant, writer, and producer of both scripted and unscripted projects.

As a speaker, emcee, and facilitator, Lisa’s unparalleled energy, enthusiasm, and dynamic presence motivate and inspire audiences to STOP settling in their lives and START making their dreams come true with Lisa’s signature Dream Plus Do™ mantra and methodology.

A successful serial entrepreneur, Lisa parlayed the secrets and strategies that helped catapult her own success building an online brand and business into It Factor For Entrepreneurs, a free online training portal for aspiring and seasoned women in business who want to master the art of branding, messaging, marketing, and monetizing their talents, experience, and greatness.

Through her Breakup Boot Camps and Branding Booty Camps, Lisa has successfully mentored hundreds of women in the last decade to STOP feeling stuck, START living creatively while owning, embodying, and igniting their It Factor, a.k.a. what makes each woman irresistible, inimitable, and iconic.

Learn more at http://lisasteadman.com/


Lost Tapes: Lauren Bowling - Radical Personal Finance

May 2, 2017

Radical Personal Finance Will Help You Win With Life and With Money!

Radical Personal Finance is dedicated to giving you both the information and the actionable inspiration you need to significantly improve your life and lifestyle. I provide the tools you need to bridge the gap between your vision of your ideal lifestyle and the practical reality of where you stand today. Having a vision is great. But having the practical steps and tools to transform the vision into reality is even better.

What Makes Radical Personal Finance Different From Other Shows?

  • Most shows are dumbed-down to appeal to the masses who are generally financially illiterate. Radical Personal Finance focuses on in-depth content and Master’s Degree-level education delivered to you as a comprehensive curriculum of financial knowledge.
  • Most shows are too general because they need to have broad appeal across the population. Radical Personal Finance delivers specific information and ideas with specific application to unique situations. You are the one who can filter the content and simply choose what’s helpful to you. Discard any idea that isn’t helpful.
  • Most shows are too focused on inspiration without action. Dreaming your way to riches doesn’t work without action. Radical Personal Finance delivers inspirational stories and ideas that are carefully connected to the specific next actions you can take to draw closer to your goals.
  • Some shows are too focused on action steps without sufficient background information. Taking action simply because someone told you what to do without teaching you why to do it isn’t wise. Radical Personal Finance teaches you the critical thinking skills and the background knowledge to equip you to think for yourself.
  • Most shows deliver technical information that is often inaccurate due to the inexperience and ignorance of the show host. Radical Personal Finance delivers financial planning information that is very technically precise and accurate.
  • Many shows are simply boring. Radical Personal Finance isn’t boring! (But you’ll have to judge that for yourself!)

Learn more at https://radicalpersonalfinance.com


Lost Tapes: Judy Hoberman - Selling In A Skirt

April 25, 2017

Judy Hoberman, President of Selling In A Skirt has created a suite of workshops, seminars and coaching programs that take the negativity out of selling. Her 30 years in sales has given her both the knowledge and sense of humor about the gender differences that we should all understand and embrace instead of feeling unable to communicate. Judy’s humorous stories about how men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently will enlighten you in learning how both genders can support each other’s successes in a more productive way.

Judy’s experience includes being an award winning Accomplished Corporate Training Director with extensive experience in training, course development and project management. She is a true entrepreneur at heart with experience both in the Self-Employed and Corporate arenas. She was personally selected by the President and CEO of a large Insurance Company, to move to Dallas to bring her talent in training to the Corporate office and share it with over 100 offices in 44 states showing over 300 agents how to break the mystery of the sales process into manageable pieces and create an authentic selling system. She is working with Insurance companies helping with their diversity and women’s initiatives in the areas of recruiting, training, coaching and mentoring.

She was awarded the Character and Integrity Award from the field for her distinct and significant contribution to the field agents’ success. With experience as being one of the female pioneers in the insurance world as well as being an expert in gender communication, she was asked to speak on the Main Platform at LAMP, an Insurance Conference, about recruiting women into the industry. She has also been the Keynote Speaker at the Women’s breakfast at LAMP and led numerous breakout sessions on “Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Man”. She is also the author of “Selling In A Skirt”, “Famous Isn’t Enough” and “Pure Wealth”, business books for Professional Women, Sales Executives and Entrepreneurs.


Judy is the host of a weekly radio show on The Women 4 Women Network/iHeart Radio called Selling In A Skirt and is also featured as “The Gender Expert” on Fox News Radio. She has appeared on CNN Headlines, ABC, CBS, CW33 and Good Morning Texas and has contributed articles to Small Business Trends, the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Business Journal, Texas CEO Magazine and appeared on the cover of Exceptional People Maazine. She was recently ames as a finalist in the Women of Visionary Influence Mentor of the Year.


Learn more at http://www.sellinginaskirt.com/


Lost Tapes: Jacquie Somerville - Love Your Life

April 18, 2017


You won’t find another motivator like Jacquie Somerville. Known as the Queen of Courage and Confidence, she’s a born storyteller and a self-titled normalphobe. She may shock you, make you laugh, and will definitely inspire you!

Jacquie draws on a lifetime of challenging and rewarding experiences – a lifetime of pushing the envelope, taking big risks and challenging the status quo. She’s been married a few times, immigrated twice, been fat, slim, broke, rich, and followed her gut to a life of excitement, adventure, passion and purpose.

As a speaker, Jacquie’s quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought after voices for women who are ready to tap into their full potential and live a thrilling life of courage, confidence, and clarity. Her signature keynote Break the Rules for a Kick Ass Life: The Normalphobe’s Guide to Scandalous Success is being touted as THE manifesto for the 21st century woman.

As a mentor, Jacquie counsels her clients to cultivate the courage to live a life true to themselves and not the life that others expect of them. She motivates them to face their fears, embrace uncertainty, and confidently move into a full life of adventure – a life that’s hot, healthy, rich, and free!

As an author, Jacquie’s Little Rule Book series is quickly becoming THE go-to resource for women who are ready to live the life of their dreams. My Fat Little Rule Book is a fun but hugely effective take on diet and exercise; My Scandalous Little Rule Book is a definitive guide to risk-taking and embracing uncertainty. Jacquie’s currently writing My Rich Little Rule Book featuring wealth lessons learned from the rich and poor men she’s known.

No stranger to media coverage, Jacquie has been covered by many notable outlets, including the Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, and Canada’s Fashion Magazine. Also a television personality, Jacquie has starred in the reality TV program “Golden Gays” and appeared as a guest on Global TV’s national morning program, “The Morning Show.”

Jacquie was born in rural South Africa, immigrated to Canada alone in 1992, and now resides in Rancho Mirage, California. She is passionate about empowering women and changing the way girls are raised. She loves animals, horse riding, dinner parties, chocolate, Scotch, and storytelling. She has always had a penchant for bucking the normal, so it’s no surprise that this fashion-crazy glamour girl has a degree in Agriculture. Now Jacquie is driven to inspire others to stop conforming and to start living out loud!

 Learn more at http://jacquiesomerville.com/


Lost Tapes: Elizabeth Naylor - Holistic Nutrition

April 11, 2017

Dr. Elizabeth Naylor is a speaker, author and Founder and CEO of Ebenezer Wellness, Inc. and PURIFIMe. Dr. Elizabeth blends her experience as a corporate professional, wife mom and business owner with her life passion for vitality to deliver long-term strategies for holistic health solutions to any audience. She established Ebenezer Wellness, Inc., a corporate wellness and private practice focused on holistic nutrition in 2006 and launched PURIFIMe in 2015.

Her research and passion center around two areas: the role of food in the alleviation of pain and suffering and the process of supporting best thinking in the individual. She holds a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition plus credentials in Applied Clinical Nutrition, Certified Intrinsic Coaching, and Certified Valuations Specialist. A thought leader in the field of holistic health, Elizabeth speaks to groups nationally on a variety of nutrition, natural health and coaching topics.

Dr. Elizabeth works with individuals and groups to understand their health issues and the role of diet, lifestyle and best thinking in supporting their vitality. She recognizes that there are two experts in the room – her expertise in holistic nutrition and the client’s expertise of themselves. She supports the client with recommended diet changes, supplement advice, coaching to find their best thinking about their health issues and referrals for complementary healing modalities.

Specialties: Holistic Nutrition, Hair Mineral Analysis, Saliva Hormone Testing, Certified Intrinsic Coach - Finding Your Best Thinking

Learn More at http://purifime.com/


Lost Tapes: Douglas Ruark - Gratitude In Everything

April 4, 2017

Douglas is known for his kindness, compassion and warm smile. He builds connection and understanding to allow your values and aspirations to naturally arise in conversation. He draws out what is most important to you and helps you to find clarity from within.  Douglas isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions to challenge you to realize your dreams. He listens intuitively, and uses many tools, exercises and assignments to explore the magnificent potential within you, gets you in touch with your unique gifts and helps to ignite the courage within you to live the live of your dreams.

Douglas is currently pursuing his certification with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA), an accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF) training program.  Douglas has also received a certification for the Happiness/Success Coaching training with Robert Holden of London and creator of the Happiness Project.  Douglas has an extensive background in personal development work and was a highly in-demand certified personal trainer coaching clients one-on-one for many years.
Learn more at http://www.douglasruark.com/

Lost Tapes: Doug Sandler - Nice Guys Finish First

March 28, 2017

Doug Sandler has over 30 years of business experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, manager and staff member. His book, Nice Guys Finish First is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller.  He specializes in making connections, building relationships and strengthening bonds both inside and outside organizations. Don’t let the “Mr. Nice Guy” tag fool you, Doug has entered into many high level negotiations and is anything but a pushover. His speaking and consulting business is geared towards improving relationships and winning business through his time tested sales, service and relationship building system. Doug is a nationally recognized speaker, and writer for Huffington Post. His weekly posts reach over hundreds of thousands of readers. Doug has been titled by a leading social media marketing company in the top 100 of Social Media Thought Influencers to follow.

Learn More at http://www.dougsandler.com/


Lost Tapes: Debbie Leoni - Live Fearlessly

March 21, 2017

Debbie Leoni has over 15 years of experience as a professional speaker, Fearless Living Coach, mentor and author. Debbie’s journey as a professional coach uncovers a style of training that incorporates the mind, body and spirit. Debbie teaches, guides and helps thousands of women and men to identify their hidden fears and shift those fears into courage. Utilizing self-analysis, mentorship, and accountability, Debbie has built a comprehensive wellness program for all people: • Current and emerging leaders • For community and family leaders who aspire to be better and encourage others but cannot get out of their own way • For people who want to change behaviors but lack the skills to do so Debbie offers one-on-one mentorship and group sessions to deliver her signature classes: “Escape the Weight” - the emotional component of weight loss.“Fearless Living” - Shifting Self Limiting to Self Empowering Beliefs Her methodology is to: • Identify the fears that are blocking you • Understand what it’s costing you • Know what’s possible by using your fear instead of it using you She also, emphasizes A Fearless Mindset and Nutrition as Two Key Components to weight loss and shifting self limiting beliefs. Debbie is amazingly gifted in enhancing corporate wellness and defning effective work life balance. Debbie holds a master’s certifcation from the Ford Institute in Integrative Life Coaching as well as certifcations from the International Coach Federation (ICF) in leadership and family coaching. Speaking Engagements: • Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISM) Leadership Event, Chicago, IL • Illinois Diversity Council, Chicago, IL • Marriott Courtyard, St Charles • Yoga Retreat , Mayan Riviera, Mexico • Hearts of Hope 

Learn more at http://www.debbieleoni.com/


Lost Tapes: Dave VanHoose - A Speaking Empire

March 14, 2017

My name is Dave VanHoose and I believe in contributing & making a difference in the lives of the people I meet. When we work together, we will provide you with the absolute best speaker coaching & training to allow you to shine exactly as you are.

The idea for Speaking Empire was created in a meeting on the waters of Tampa Bay between founders Dave VanHoose (Considered one of the top speakers in the World) & Dustin Mathews (Top Direct Response Marketer). They determined that there was a big challenge. People did not know how to get their message out, how to monetize their message and how to build a world class Speaking Empire. With a credit card and a vision, Speaking Empire was created.

Because of the success of their clients, demand for their services exploded and partner Debbie Montis joined the team, allowing for rapid growth and scale. This powerhouse team was instrumental for reaching the Inc. 500 in a previous company.

Speaking Empire has drawn National attention of Celebrities, TV personalities, Famous athletes, Politicians, Best selling authors, Physicians, Coaches, Internet Marketers, Attorneys, Consultants and Entrepreneurs. In addition, Speaking Empire was featured on the Get Motivated Success Tour sharing the stage with it’s iconic Speakers (Past presidents, world leaders, sports stars, etc).

Expanding internationally, Speaking Empire has clients around the world and has opened its first satellite office in Moscow, Russia.

At Speaking Empire, we believe that one message can change the World. We believe in adding value & sharing with you that there’s a better, simpler way to achieve the success you deserve. We believe in empowering Leaders to Empower the World!

Learn more at http://www.speakingempire.com/


Lost Tapes: Danielle Sabrina - What Vibes Your Tribe

March 7, 2017

So you’ve turned your vision into reality and started your business. You’ve got great content on your website that’s genuinely helpful to your target audience. You’ve put yourself out there and made yourself accessible. But do you know how to really vibe with your tribe?

You can produce top-quality content ’til the cows come home, but without knowing what vibes your tribe — what makes your ideal clients tick — you and your biz have no buzz. And with no buzz, you don’t get a chance to establish your credibility and authority. With no credibility and authority, your clients will question why they should work with you — and most likely, they’ll choose somebody else.

Trust me — I understand what it’s like to not even know who your ideal client is or where to find them, let alone a whole tribe of them. But I didn’t take no for an answer: I buckled down, dug deep into the world of psychology, and voilá: suddenly, my tribe appeared. Within just 11 days of launching my business, I grew my mailing list to over 500 people, created a mini-course What Vibes Your Tribe, sold out my coaching program, and booked myself solid.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. As a delinquent high school dropout and teen mom of two, I was told that I was lucky to land a job in retail — let alone start my own career. But that wasn’t good enough for me, and I sure as hell didn’t think it was good enough for my children.

I realized I had to work with what I had and believe in myself so strongly that nobody — nothing — could stand in my way and convince me otherwise. Sure enough, by the time I was 22, I had gone from a dropout “lowlife” to living the high life: I was making over six figures as a director in a wealth management firm.

I’ve been accomplishing what people have told me I couldn’t accomplish my whole life.

From that time, I’ve owned boutique retail stores and helped countless people like you launch successful businesses. I’ve also lost everything, and have had to build it up again.

Here’s what I’ve come to learn: when I’m speaking my own personal truth and living a life that is authentic to me, I can manifest just about anything. Stepping out into the scene as a Business Intuitive was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my professional career. But doing it — breaking through my self-doubt; remaining undeterred by the people who don’t take me seriously — is hands-down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, both personally and financially.

You’ve got the dreams and I’ve got the tools to turn them into reality. Together, your goals will have no choice but to manifest. We will unlock your true potential as you step into your personal power on your path to getting happy, making money, and loving life.

Not only am I passionate about empowering others to follow their truths, but also I know how to teach you what you need to get there — how to vibe your tribe, and how to monetize yourself along the way.

Let’s start a journey together.

Learn More At http://www.daniellesabrina.com/