Lost Tapes: Pat Mussieux - Taking Out The Trash

June 20, 2017

Queen of Compromise

I know you’re wondering about the trash bag. But before we go there we should talk about what got me to that point.

I know you’ve compromised in your life. We all do. But all those compromises add up, moment by moment, taking us further and further from our dreams and even our simplest expectations.

I was the Queen of Compromise.

In my marriage, his dreams came before mine. With my stepchildren, their wishes ruled the day. In my business, I filled my time with less-than-ideal clients. With my finances, I accepted less than I was worth.

As I grew more and more distant from my true self, drama in my life reached almost tragic proportions.

When I had a decade of experience in my career and began growing in leaps and bounds through independent work in mindset training and facilitation for The Pacific Institute, I made the ultimate compromise.

I traded that amazing work environment and experiences for a local JOB (with a capital J) in an effort to save my marriage by being home every night and focusing on marriage counseling.

EPIC fail. Enough said.


Embrace Your Fear. Evolve. Learn to Fly.
Don’t compromise by waiting.


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Breaking Free

So that’s when I found myself, walking out of my 22-year marriage with the equivalent of my life in a trash bag.

I made a decision to take responsibility. I made a decision to take responsibility for my personal happiness. I made a decision to take responsibility for my financial situation. I made a decision to take responsibility for my life.

These were tough decisions involving loss. I left behind my dream home and 2 precious little dogs for a furnished basement apartment. I was quite close to my dying father-in-law, and over the next few years I lost both my in-laws, my best friend to cancer, a premature grandson, and supported my stepson and daughter-in-law throughout the long-term hospitalization of my other infant (twin) grandson.

I wasn’t compromising anymore. I began taking the steps towards a new life – a transformation and re-invention – and started with a Vision Board that included, among other things, LOTS of travel destinations that I never would have experienced in my old life (with my ex-husband).

Around the Globe

At the end of this painful and most difficult period – during which my life, my relationships and that J.O.B. were falling away – I decided to leave the West coast and move across the country – to a city where I knew no one, had no contacts, no clients, no business. I had a dream. I had a vision. I would step back into the work I believe I am here to do – Speaking and Coaching.

Before he passed away, my father-in-law generously helped me to buy a condo so that I would have a proper roof over my head. In the process of selling that condo, I saw a sign. A real sign – a flyer, fact! – that advertised a great deal for a trip around the world via private jet. Here was my ideal opportunity to visit ten amazing countries in just one month!

So off I went. It was a HUGE step. I knew that when I returned from the trip I’d be returning to a new city and begin the road to new friends, new clients and a new business.


Walking away from my ex-husband was a lesson in learning to stop compromising. At age 55, when I made the move, it was a lesson in embracing fear!

By moving to the East Coast, one of the blessings was to reconnect with my mother, from whom I had been estranged for over 10 years. The estrangement happened in a time when I made a conscious decision to improve the quality of my life – and remove toxic people from my ‘circle’. My mother was one of those people. That was the right decision at that time. But when I made the decision to leave my marriage and my husband, my mother was one of the first people to phone me and offer support. I knew then that when I made the big move to my new life that my mother, who then (at age 82) lived just 4 hours north of where I was located, I was as open to reconciling as I was going to be. There was no fear – no tension – no stress – no barriers. I stepped into this renewed relationship with as much energy and enthusiasm as I had for my new life. We connected in a way that had not ever existed between us and that strong bond existed to the day she died two years ago. What a blessing for me!

The first year of my new life was extremely lonely and difficult since I had no friends, no clients, and no contacts.

But I was EVOLVING all the while.

I built the new business I’d dreamed of, without compromise. I’ve been nominated, for the past 3 years, for the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award and have won 4 STEVIE Awards for Women in Business (Gold in the Category of Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada for 2012, Bronze for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada for 2013, GOLD for Female Executive of the Year in Canada for 2014, and Bronze for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada for 2015). I’ve hosted my own local radio show for 4 years and now host a live talk show on local TV interviewing successful women entrepreneurs and sharing their stories. I’ve written 3 books – the latest of which is ‘Stop Compromising and Make All the Money You Want! A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Starting Up and Starting Over.’


Evolution has been painful.
It’s been beautiful. It’s been necessary.
I grew and changed, and I broke free.

Embrace Your Fear. Evolve. Learn to Fly. Don’t compromise by waiting.

Learn more at http://patmussieux.com/


Lost Tapes: Mikal Nielsen - The Quick Fix To Any Problem

June 13, 2017

If we ask his three children who Mikal is, the answer is simple: Dad's weird!

If we ask his wife, you can find her answer in their co-authored book Intimately Entwined.

Most importantly he sits outside of the box. He himself would say, "If anyone ever accuses me of being normal, I'm going to get very offended".

So who is he - really?

In short, he's a guy who is passionate about two things:

  1. Growth - his own and facilitating it for others
  2. Figuring out how things work - with a main focus on life and human beings

He tried a number of jobs, explored a couple of careers (banking and computers), but for the last 20+ years he has followed his calling as a life coach, helping people to get more life out of life, more business out of business and more love out of relationships.

He was born in Denmark but considers himself an earth citizen, not belonging to any country, culture, religion or political orientation. He has travelled to well over 50 countries, through which time he met his New Zealand wife to be (this is also covered in their book Intimately Entwined).

Mikal has written two books and continues to write. Check out his Author page for the latest updates.

He has created his own meditation system for busy people in the modern world called Modern Meditation.

He hosts his own WebTV Show 'Awareness - The Key to the Driver Seat'. You can watch past episodes here.

He does individual coaching through Skype, offering both his Living on Purpose 3 week program and individually tailored coaching programs. 

And then his favourite: Face to face coaching and presenting:

  • Individuals
  • Business owners, managers & teams
  • Couples
  • Events/Workshops
  • Public Speaking and Key Note Speaking

Other than this, Mikal is a husband, dad, meditator and cafe goer. And, he quite enjoys spending hours in the kitchen experimenting with food, to the delight or dismay of the family depending on what way the experiments go. Oh, by the way, he is also a barefoot runner, just to add to the weirdness.

If you want to know more, get in touch with the man himself. He'll happily answer questions by phone, Skype or face to face.

Learn more at http://www.mikal.nz/


Lost Tapes: Michelle Prince - Share Your Story Make A Difference

June 6, 2017

Michelle’s entire life changed in 1989 when she met her mentor Zig Ziglar. It was at that time she made a commitment to become a motivational speaker and make a difference in the lives of others.

In 1994 she made that dream a reality by beginning her sales career working for Zig Ziglar right out of college. With her solid foundation in personal growth, productivity and leadership, Michelle was able to achieve extraordinary results and numerous awards, making her an in-demand sales and marketing professional.

Michelle decided to take that knowledge and start her own company to fulfill her passion of motivating, inspiring and encouraging others to live phenomenal lives. She does this through her speaking, coaching and training. Her life came full circle when she was asked to become a Ziglar Motivational Speaker representing the values and company that ignited her passion and kick-started her career back in her twenties. Michelle is even more committed to carrying on the legacy of the late Zig Ziglar than ever before. 

Michelle has been referred to as “America’s Productivity Coach,” because she has learned the secret to overcoming procrastination and living a happier, more abundant life.

Michelle is on a mission to show audiences worldwide that they too can stop juggling, overcome procrastination, and get more done in less time in business, leadership and life so they can make a difference in the world!

Michelle Will Help You To…
  • Ignite your passion
  • Identify your purpose
  • Achieve balance in your life
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Unlock your potential
  • Be more productive, getting more done in less time
  • Succeed in meeting your personal and professional goals
  • Lead an abundant life

Learn more at https://www.michelleprince.com/


Lost Tapes: Maria Ross - Rebooting My Brain

May 30, 2017

Maria Ross is a consultant, author, speaker and actress who believes that cash flow and creativity are not mutually exclusive. She writes frequently about branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, inspiration and—even great wine—for such outlets as San Francisco Downtown, IntoWine.com, Sharp Skirts, DiningOutSF, Entrepreneur.com, American Express Open Forum and Seattle Business. Maria is also a dynamic keynote speaker and has been featured in Entrepreneur and on MSNBC and NPR. She is a lover of animals, red wine, travel, independent film, crime dramas, dry humor, football and Jeopardy. Maria lives in Seattle with her husband Paul and their Black Lab mix, Eddie, but they are soon returning to the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Stories have fascinated me since I was a little girl. At six, I wrote the intricate tale of Smedley and his mouse family’s vacation to Disneyworld – and haven’t looked back since. When I started acting as a kid, telling different stories through various roles was like a giant game of make-believe – and still is for me when I act today. Stories told through poetry, film, theatre, advertising, art, dance and even food and wine never cease to enchant me. To me, stories make life worth living as they provoke, inspire – and just plain delight the pants off a captivated audience!”

Follow Maria on Twitter on Facebook or visit her website, www.red-slice.com. And sign up (to the right) for the scoop on book signings, events, special offers and other book-related news.


Lost Tapes: Maria Kritikos - Ladies Who Lunch

May 23, 2017

I’m here to elevate your ambition and show you how truly remarkable you are.

I want to encourage & hold a vision for you that is greater than the one you hold for yourself.

I want to help you get to where you want to go and beyond what you see as possible for yourself.

The real beauty in life is realizing &  mastering your own power.  Realizing that you and only you have the unique ability to create anything you dream up.  I really do mean anything.

Once you get this, I mean really get this – you are truly unstoppable.

Fear is not real.  It is always what holds us back from achieving greatness.

Don’t get to the end and wish you had.  I live on the wings of possibility – come fly with me.

Learn more at http://mariakritikos.com/


Lost Tapes: Mara Glazer - Cut The Crap

May 16, 2017


I used to be a miserable employee to a corporate job in the NYC fashion industry (I say “miserable” because making $35k a year in the BIG APPLE should be illegal!). I had no money. I lived in a strange city with no friends, and to top it off, my boss was a b*tch (more like a MEGA B*TCH! to be exact!) Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Now, I own a business that allows for me to spend time with my amazing friends and family when I WANT to, travel the world as I please, and work through my bucket list on the regular. (You can learn more about my bucket list at the bottom of this page.)

Now, I don’t say this to brag. Not at all. I say this to let you know what’s possible because if a 30-something year old girl like me can learn to do it, a girl who struggled through school so much that some of my teachers straight out gave up on me (true story! – Actually I’ll share it below on this page), then you can learn to do it, too.

In 2003 I had my spine fused with two titanium rods, and then in 2009, because of all of the pressure and tension in my back from the rods, and also from the crazy stress of my job, I actually tore my spine. I couldn’t walk. The furthest I could go was from my bedroom to my bathroom, and then from my bathroom back to my bedroom. I couldn’t drive. I certainly couldn’t work. And there was really not that much I could do. It was in that moment that I knew that I couldn’t have a 9-5 job anymore, and I couldn’t work for someone else anymore, because I needed the freedom to take care of myself when I needed to.



Somehow in 2009, after 6 months of convincing, I talked my dad, Bill Glazer, into allowing me to work for him at the company he founded, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (now known as GKIC), a company he built into the largest provider of marketing and money-making information to small business owners around the globe. Some say he’s a legend. (To me, he’s just my Pops!) Some say I’m part of the lucky sperm club! (But if you know me, you know I worked damn hard to be where I am today! No handouts. No hall passes. I had to earn my spot!) He gave me one job: figure out how to make money with social media, OR I was out! (At the time, I didn’t even know what social media was.)

So I spent the next months inhaling all of the information I could get my hands on about making money using social media…

implementing that information…
testing that information…
and tracking that information…

The Result – an additional 7 figures in less than 278 days using social and alternative media! (Yep! That’s a million bucks!)
You may be thinking, Holy Cow! (I know I was!)

Soon after, he got an offer from a venture capital firm to buy his business, which he sold, and I was quickly reminded that I wasn’t the employee type, so I ventured out on my own and started my own business, at the age of 26.


Learn More at http://maraglazer.com/


Lost Tapes: Lisa Steadman - Having It All

May 9, 2017

Lisa Steadman is a best selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker, relationship expert, serial entrepreneur,and highly sought after voice for women who are ready to redefine what Having It All looks like.

From her best selling books including her runaway hit It’s A Breakup, Not A Breakdown to her hilarious and heartfelt Confessions Of An Imposter Mom, audiences around the globe rave about Lisa’s refreshingly real world take on the ages & relationship stages women find themselves in (single, dating, mating, marriage, motherhood, divorce, starting over) – and how to navigate each with humor, heart, and hustle.

Lisa’s creative charisma makes her an in-demand talent in the entertainment industry – both on camera as a host and behind the scenes as a consultant, writer, and producer of both scripted and unscripted projects.

As a speaker, emcee, and facilitator, Lisa’s unparalleled energy, enthusiasm, and dynamic presence motivate and inspire audiences to STOP settling in their lives and START making their dreams come true with Lisa’s signature Dream Plus Do™ mantra and methodology.

A successful serial entrepreneur, Lisa parlayed the secrets and strategies that helped catapult her own success building an online brand and business into It Factor For Entrepreneurs, a free online training portal for aspiring and seasoned women in business who want to master the art of branding, messaging, marketing, and monetizing their talents, experience, and greatness.

Through her Breakup Boot Camps and Branding Booty Camps, Lisa has successfully mentored hundreds of women in the last decade to STOP feeling stuck, START living creatively while owning, embodying, and igniting their It Factor, a.k.a. what makes each woman irresistible, inimitable, and iconic.

Learn more at http://lisasteadman.com/


Lost Tapes: Lauren Bowling - Radical Personal Finance

May 2, 2017

Radical Personal Finance Will Help You Win With Life and With Money!

Radical Personal Finance is dedicated to giving you both the information and the actionable inspiration you need to significantly improve your life and lifestyle. I provide the tools you need to bridge the gap between your vision of your ideal lifestyle and the practical reality of where you stand today. Having a vision is great. But having the practical steps and tools to transform the vision into reality is even better.

What Makes Radical Personal Finance Different From Other Shows?

  • Most shows are dumbed-down to appeal to the masses who are generally financially illiterate. Radical Personal Finance focuses on in-depth content and Master’s Degree-level education delivered to you as a comprehensive curriculum of financial knowledge.
  • Most shows are too general because they need to have broad appeal across the population. Radical Personal Finance delivers specific information and ideas with specific application to unique situations. You are the one who can filter the content and simply choose what’s helpful to you. Discard any idea that isn’t helpful.
  • Most shows are too focused on inspiration without action. Dreaming your way to riches doesn’t work without action. Radical Personal Finance delivers inspirational stories and ideas that are carefully connected to the specific next actions you can take to draw closer to your goals.
  • Some shows are too focused on action steps without sufficient background information. Taking action simply because someone told you what to do without teaching you why to do it isn’t wise. Radical Personal Finance teaches you the critical thinking skills and the background knowledge to equip you to think for yourself.
  • Most shows deliver technical information that is often inaccurate due to the inexperience and ignorance of the show host. Radical Personal Finance delivers financial planning information that is very technically precise and accurate.
  • Many shows are simply boring. Radical Personal Finance isn’t boring! (But you’ll have to judge that for yourself!)

Learn more at https://radicalpersonalfinance.com


Lost Tapes: Judy Hoberman - Selling In A Skirt

April 25, 2017

Judy Hoberman, President of Selling In A Skirt has created a suite of workshops, seminars and coaching programs that take the negativity out of selling. Her 30 years in sales has given her both the knowledge and sense of humor about the gender differences that we should all understand and embrace instead of feeling unable to communicate. Judy’s humorous stories about how men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently will enlighten you in learning how both genders can support each other’s successes in a more productive way.

Judy’s experience includes being an award winning Accomplished Corporate Training Director with extensive experience in training, course development and project management. She is a true entrepreneur at heart with experience both in the Self-Employed and Corporate arenas. She was personally selected by the President and CEO of a large Insurance Company, to move to Dallas to bring her talent in training to the Corporate office and share it with over 100 offices in 44 states showing over 300 agents how to break the mystery of the sales process into manageable pieces and create an authentic selling system. She is working with Insurance companies helping with their diversity and women’s initiatives in the areas of recruiting, training, coaching and mentoring.

She was awarded the Character and Integrity Award from the field for her distinct and significant contribution to the field agents’ success. With experience as being one of the female pioneers in the insurance world as well as being an expert in gender communication, she was asked to speak on the Main Platform at LAMP, an Insurance Conference, about recruiting women into the industry. She has also been the Keynote Speaker at the Women’s breakfast at LAMP and led numerous breakout sessions on “Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Man”. She is also the author of “Selling In A Skirt”, “Famous Isn’t Enough” and “Pure Wealth”, business books for Professional Women, Sales Executives and Entrepreneurs.


Judy is the host of a weekly radio show on The Women 4 Women Network/iHeart Radio called Selling In A Skirt and is also featured as “The Gender Expert” on Fox News Radio. She has appeared on CNN Headlines, ABC, CBS, CW33 and Good Morning Texas and has contributed articles to Small Business Trends, the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Business Journal, Texas CEO Magazine and appeared on the cover of Exceptional People Maazine. She was recently ames as a finalist in the Women of Visionary Influence Mentor of the Year.


Learn more at http://www.sellinginaskirt.com/


Lost Tapes: Jacquie Somerville - Love Your Life

April 18, 2017


You won’t find another motivator like Jacquie Somerville. Known as the Queen of Courage and Confidence, she’s a born storyteller and a self-titled normalphobe. She may shock you, make you laugh, and will definitely inspire you!

Jacquie draws on a lifetime of challenging and rewarding experiences – a lifetime of pushing the envelope, taking big risks and challenging the status quo. She’s been married a few times, immigrated twice, been fat, slim, broke, rich, and followed her gut to a life of excitement, adventure, passion and purpose.

As a speaker, Jacquie’s quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought after voices for women who are ready to tap into their full potential and live a thrilling life of courage, confidence, and clarity. Her signature keynote Break the Rules for a Kick Ass Life: The Normalphobe’s Guide to Scandalous Success is being touted as THE manifesto for the 21st century woman.

As a mentor, Jacquie counsels her clients to cultivate the courage to live a life true to themselves and not the life that others expect of them. She motivates them to face their fears, embrace uncertainty, and confidently move into a full life of adventure – a life that’s hot, healthy, rich, and free!

As an author, Jacquie’s Little Rule Book series is quickly becoming THE go-to resource for women who are ready to live the life of their dreams. My Fat Little Rule Book is a fun but hugely effective take on diet and exercise; My Scandalous Little Rule Book is a definitive guide to risk-taking and embracing uncertainty. Jacquie’s currently writing My Rich Little Rule Book featuring wealth lessons learned from the rich and poor men she’s known.

No stranger to media coverage, Jacquie has been covered by many notable outlets, including the Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, and Canada’s Fashion Magazine. Also a television personality, Jacquie has starred in the reality TV program “Golden Gays” and appeared as a guest on Global TV’s national morning program, “The Morning Show.”

Jacquie was born in rural South Africa, immigrated to Canada alone in 1992, and now resides in Rancho Mirage, California. She is passionate about empowering women and changing the way girls are raised. She loves animals, horse riding, dinner parties, chocolate, Scotch, and storytelling. She has always had a penchant for bucking the normal, so it’s no surprise that this fashion-crazy glamour girl has a degree in Agriculture. Now Jacquie is driven to inspire others to stop conforming and to start living out loud!

 Learn more at http://jacquiesomerville.com/