Lost Tapes: Danielle Sabrina - What Vibes Your Tribe

March 7, 2017

So you’ve turned your vision into reality and started your business. You’ve got great content on your website that’s genuinely helpful to your target audience. You’ve put yourself out there and made yourself accessible. But do you know how to really vibe with your tribe?

You can produce top-quality content ’til the cows come home, but without knowing what vibes your tribe — what makes your ideal clients tick — you and your biz have no buzz. And with no buzz, you don’t get a chance to establish your credibility and authority. With no credibility and authority, your clients will question why they should work with you — and most likely, they’ll choose somebody else.

Trust me — I understand what it’s like to not even know who your ideal client is or where to find them, let alone a whole tribe of them. But I didn’t take no for an answer: I buckled down, dug deep into the world of psychology, and voilá: suddenly, my tribe appeared. Within just 11 days of launching my business, I grew my mailing list to over 500 people, created a mini-course What Vibes Your Tribe, sold out my coaching program, and booked myself solid.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. As a delinquent high school dropout and teen mom of two, I was told that I was lucky to land a job in retail — let alone start my own career. But that wasn’t good enough for me, and I sure as hell didn’t think it was good enough for my children.

I realized I had to work with what I had and believe in myself so strongly that nobody — nothing — could stand in my way and convince me otherwise. Sure enough, by the time I was 22, I had gone from a dropout “lowlife” to living the high life: I was making over six figures as a director in a wealth management firm.

I’ve been accomplishing what people have told me I couldn’t accomplish my whole life.

From that time, I’ve owned boutique retail stores and helped countless people like you launch successful businesses. I’ve also lost everything, and have had to build it up again.

Here’s what I’ve come to learn: when I’m speaking my own personal truth and living a life that is authentic to me, I can manifest just about anything. Stepping out into the scene as a Business Intuitive was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my professional career. But doing it — breaking through my self-doubt; remaining undeterred by the people who don’t take me seriously — is hands-down the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, both personally and financially.

You’ve got the dreams and I’ve got the tools to turn them into reality. Together, your goals will have no choice but to manifest. We will unlock your true potential as you step into your personal power on your path to getting happy, making money, and loving life.

Not only am I passionate about empowering others to follow their truths, but also I know how to teach you what you need to get there — how to vibe your tribe, and how to monetize yourself along the way.

Let’s start a journey together.

Learn More At http://www.daniellesabrina.com/


The Lost Tapes: Charlie Poznek - The Boomer Business Owner

February 28, 2017

Who is Charlie Poznek?

Funny, I ask myself the same question every day.

What I’ve come up with:

I’m a guy.  Just a guy. I have no rags to riches story to share with you. I didn’t overcome great adversity to be here writing this. I’m just a guy who leads a reasonably good life. The problem? I want to lead an unreasonably spectacular life.

Living an unreasonably spectacular life means I can…

Achieve financial freedom

For me, financial freedom means being able to do what I want (a long list), whenever I want, while living from the income of my investments and never having to worry about generating new income – ever.

Enjoy time flexibility

I believe “time freedom” is a misnomer. I want to do work that allows me the flexibility to create my day the way I want. This includes working out at the gym and going to yoga class during the “work day”.

Get creative

I believe that all of us have a creative itch that could use a good scratching from time to time. When I don’t scratch that itch, I get cranky.

Give back

This is a really important part of this business for me. I firmly believe in helping others who are trying to help themselves. That’s why I started The Boomer Business Owner.

Scrap the suit and tie

Need I say more?

I found it difficult to live a spectacular life while working for someone else. For the better part of 20 years, I worked in the hedge fund industry and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I met some great people who remain friends to this day, and I met some really smart people. The problem was that I was helping build someone else’s dream (as the saying goes, if you’re not building your dream, someone else will happily hire you to help build theirs).

In looking at ways to create my spectacular life, I noticed a lot of people (often in their 20’s and 30’s) living the kind of life I wanted to live. A common factor seemed to be they engaged in some form of online commerce by selling a product, service or information.

I began investigating ways I could build an online business while continuing to work in the hedge fund industry.

In a matter of a few years, I transitioned from working for someone else to creating strong online presences for my various business ventures. I quickly learned what a powerful tool an online business can be in creating a spectacular life.

I enjoyed success in the development and sale of two fitness websites, including HealthAndFitnessAdvice.com and PersonalTrainerCoach.com. Another great online success I’ve enjoyed is creating an Ebay store with over 2,000 positive reviews (and not one negative review!)

Don’t get the wrong idea I am not a “tech person.” As a boomer, I know what it’s like to be intimidated by technology. I’m here to tell you that if I can build and run an online business, anyone can do it. Even if sending email is about as complicated as you get on the computer, I can show you how to start and run your own online business with little to no technical experience. I invested a lot of time and money to learn how to be successful in an online business, and I want to help other boomers do the same. The current result of that desire is TheBoomerBusinessOwner.com (and our podcast The Boomer Business Owner with Charlie Poznek).

My Vision for The Boomer Business Owner is to provide:

A vehicle for making a materially positive difference in the world.

Great audio information via our podcast where we interview successful online entrepreneurs.  There is nothing more inspiring than listening to the stories of how people create success online.

My favorite online resources and tools for online entrepreneurs.

One-on-one coaching with me.  Sign up for a free 20 minute consultation to see how I can help you build a spectacular life through online business.

A community for like-minded people working toward the same goal, sharing information and resources, and fostering accountability.

Great video information.  This includes The Boomer Business Owner webinars and videos, and relevant video content from some of my favorite experts and websites.

Great written information, including informative blog posts, articles by guest contributors who are excellent in their respective fields, and up to date news you can use from around the web.

If any of the above resonates with you, let’s talk.  Set up your free 20 minute consultation with me, and let’s start creating a spectacular life.



Learn More at http://theboomerbusinessowner.com/


Lost Tapes: Carl David on Depression & Suicide

February 21, 2017

My first foray into writing was in college in the school newspaper when I had a grudge about the disgusting food quality.  The article was pretty funny but scathing so they wouldn't let me sign it.

My next work was an article in the American Art Review in May 1978, about Martha Walter, an American impressionist artist, whose estate we represented. 

In 1981 I authored, "Collecting & Care of Fine Art" published by Crown in New York.  It revealed the truths about the art market and separated them from the hype which was so widespread.  It was a factual expose for which I received significant flack from many colleagues, but someone had to tell the truth and protect the collectors.

My latest book, "Bader Field" has just been released by Nightengale Press.  It is a heart tugging memoir about my father, Samuel David, the legendary art dealer whose life was taken way too early, and how my brother and I had to step into the front lines of the third generation family business to live out his dream, all the while trying to survive emotionally after the devasting loss of our brother only eight years earlier.  The book is a journey of love, forgiveness and acceptance which begins at Bader Field (in Atlantic City), the oldest airfield in the country, the last place I saw my father.

It is my hope that "Bader Field" will help those who have had less than ideal fathers growing up to break the chain of negative influence and become much better fathers themselves when it is their turn to assume the role. 

An even greater aspiration for me is that this book reach deep into the mind of anyone who is contemplating taking their life and show them that they are not alone, that there is always another answer, another way, no matter what.  Those so desperate need to know that they don't just destroy themselves, but everyone around them as well; their family, friends and acquaintances. I pray that my perilous journey through those darkest days will bring light and hope to anyone on that final path, and draw them back.

Learn more at http://www.authorsden.com/carledavid


Lost Tapes: Cait Flanders - Minimalism, Shopping Ban & Debt Repayment

February 14, 2017

Hi, I'm Cait! I originally started this blog to document my debt repayment journey. After paying it off, I embraced minimalism, tossed 75% of my stuff and completed a two-year shopping ban.

Each week, I share stories and lessons I'm learning in my pursuit to become a more mindful consumer of everything. I'm also writing my first book, The Year of Less (Jan 2018), with Hay House.

Learn more at http://caitflanders.com/


Lost Tapes: Brandon Epstein - Zen Dude Fitness

February 7, 2017

Hi there. We’re Dan and Brandon. We’re the Zen Dudes. We created Zen Dude Fitness because we lost 130 lbs. collectively after years of struggling to attain the physiques we desired. 

How did we do it? We made fitness part of our lifestyle rather than a monotonous daily task. On this site, we share the beliefs that help keep us at 6-8% body fat 24/7/365.

Learn more at http://zendudefitness.com/


Lost Tapes: Alex Barker - Build Your Successful Side Hustle

January 31, 2017

Head hustler Alex here, and if you’ve ever asked yourself:

How do I break free of my 9-5?
How can I start an online business while working full time?
How can I manage a business while raising a family?
How do I scale my business to replicate my day job?

Or if you just want to talk to someone who is working full time and has a side hustle generating a few thousand a month…

…You’re in the right place!

Here’s how I will help you get ahead in life and work

There is a huge gap between working full time and running a successful job-free income business. I’m here to bridge that gap.

Here’s the deal:
I believe busy full time workers who want to build a successful side income business MUST become experts in a lot of areas fast.

You must listen to the right people online, the experts who will show you step by step formulas for growing a side business.

Instead of reading hundreds of books, listening to the podcast carousel of “experts” that are trying to sell you on a product, and trying strategies from gurus who are doing entrepreneurship full time unlike you…

Come visit http://alexbarker.co/ to learn more!


The Last Podcast by Zephan Moses Blaxberg (Produced by Avenues Audio)

December 13, 2016

Produced by Avenues Audio in Baltimore, Maryland.

It’s not an easy thing to say goodbye, especially when it’s a project that you’ve poured countless hours and dollars into. The return on this investment is NAN as they would say in calculator talk or “not a number.” I don’t think you could possibly calculate how I have changed as a person since beginning this journey two years ago and it’s certainly not over. It’s just getting started.

When I decided to put my business on hold to travel hack and couch surf around the country in fall of 2014, I set off to find out who I really was when you remove the securities of having your car with you and being able to leave at any time or the security of knowing where you will sleep the next night, what you will eat etc.

It’s like an onion and I had to peel away the layers.

I think it’s one of the biggest reasons why people get to their late thirties or even early forties. They never actually took the time to learn to be alone with themselves so when they’re abandoned by a lover or family member and they feel alone, they’re frightened by the person they find in that space.

I’ve had a lot of good and bad role models in my life. The Year of Purpose Podcast was a method for me to learn from some of the happiest and most successful people in the world and it certainly achieved that.

I’m trying to think of something witty to say at this point in time because I feel like the podcast deserves that but nothing is really coming to me.

But my message to the world is here, in this episode, it’s “be here now.” Even I lose sight of this from time to time and that’s ok. But if you set up a few constant reminders that all you have is this moment and this time and place right here, right now, then maybe you too can be on your way to living life to the fullest.

Since this podcast episode discusses what it has been like over the last two years of my life and how I’ve changed, what I’ve learned and it’s shared some of the people I’ve met, I’ll take a moment to share what is next in my life for all who are interested.

As we move into 2017, I’m moving!

I have a beautiful girlfriend and we are moving into an apartment together which will bring a whole new world of struggles, learning lessons and adventures. I’m currently in the process of teaching myself how to find crafty DIY projects on Pinterest so that I can redo a coffee table and dining room table that I bought on Facebook marketplace for $35. I’ve always been relatively handy but never an ‘arts and crafts’ person. I’ve considered documenting the struggle (I mean process) in some YouTube videos and building up a following on YouTube. I’ll save that idea for a later date but don’t throw that one away just yet.

One of the big projects I took on in 2016 that will be expanding in 2017 is passive income. I created an online coaching course for videographers and it’s called Videographer Masterclass. I taught two 8-week courses to people around the United States and had a lot of fun doing it. Many of them are now crushing it in their business and I’d like to improve it and help improve the lives of other videographers just like me who want to have the freedom to do the things life was given to us for.

So I’ve taken the course and turned it into an online course. I’m hoping to expand and add more content as I go but it will now be called Six Figure Filmmaker. It should be launching January of 2017.

My video business, ZMBmedia, is still growing quite well. I’ve considered rebranding because it’s been called ZMBmedia since before it was a legal entity and while that means a bit nostalgically to me, it doesn’t mean much to the outside world. I’m thinking of developing a creative or an alliance with other local videographers, building out my team and taking it to the next level. I haven’t really decided what will happen to is just yet because truthfully I have too much work and haven’t had a free moment to take a week and brainstorm.

One of the best things I did this past year was I paid myself to take a week off from my work. Perhaps it’s something I’ll do again so that I can determine where the business will go next.

A lot of people are wondering where the podcast will go in the new year because I don’t have plans to update it at the moment after this last podcast episode. My plan is to leave it up and keep paying for my hosting website Podbean to host it. They’re extremely affordable and they’ve been good to me. I want to see what happens if I leave these 150+ episodes out there for the world and let them fly organically. I know that most things don’t go very far unless you pay for Facebook ads or something like that but who knows. Maybe someone will pick it up and write a great article about it.

As for publishing, I now have 4 books out. There’s Life Re-Scripted and the Greatfull series of coloring books. I really enjoy the process of self publishing and I certainly plan on doing it more. Right now, I’m thinking of taking the transcripts of the podcast interviews and converting those into a book series so that if the podcast were to ever be taken off the air, at least the content can still live on.

I’m also thinking of writing a book about outsourcing because I’ve been a master of it ever since I read Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week. I may write a book about adventures in travel hacking and just hacking in general. I really love the idea of finding loopholes, avoiding the ‘system’ and sticking it to the man. I’ve thought about taking my videographers course and turning it into a book as well.

There are so many amazing ideas and self publishing is so fun that I could certainly see myself doing it much more.

How about health?

Well, moving into the winter and fall time is always tough for me. I was never one to enjoy the cold weather and I always said if I moved somewhere that never had snow I could be really happy. Perhaps that will happen in the future!

As I move into my new ventures, I think health is going to take a bigger priority. Moving in with a significant other means carefully planning meals out and shopping for the week, meal prepping and more. I’m excited to have a kitchen of my own that doesn’t get shared with three other dudes. I want to take my nutrition to a whole other level and get back into shape. Last year I was crazy serious about rowing and was at the boathouse 3-4 days a week. I lost a lot of my speed and strength this Summer while I was traveling Europe because despite walking 10 miles every day, I wasn’t lifting or doing anything to strengthen myself. I look forward to getting that back. I’m even thinking of challenging my girlfriend to do P90x or the Insanity Workout by Beachbody. I’ve done Insanity before and it kicks your butt.

I’ve tossed around the idea of creating a Vlog Casey Neistat style. It’s a shame he stopped is show but he sold his company Beme to CNN and is now going to work with them so I don’t blame him. The last estimate I saw was a $25 million deal. I’d take $25 million to stop vlogging daily too.

Lots of things will be happening over the next year and if you’ve stuck it out with me this long, please don’t think that this is the end of me sharing my journey.

In a sense, it’s really just a new beginning.

There are far too many emotions swirling in my head right now but all I can say is if you were a listener of the podcast, thank you. If you were someone I met on my travels, I appreciate you. If you heard about me but never introduced yourself, do it. If you have a big dream and want to do something that you don’t even think is possible, do it anyway.

We never know what tomorrow has in store for us and many of us don’t find that out until we’re sitting in a hospital bed. Don’t be the person that woke up in a hospital bed thinking, “Oh shit, there were so many more things I wanted to do before I got here.”

Your time on this earth is limited.

Don’t make any more excuses to go out and accomplish what it is you want to do.

Stop saying that you have obligations as an excuse.

Your only obligation is to leave this earth a better place than how you found it.

Zephan. Out.


Creating Extraordinary from Nothing with Stephen Shedletzky

December 6, 2016

Stephen Shedletzky strives to engage people in meaningful ways. He supports leaders and teams as they create environments where their people feel inspired to go to work (and feel safe and valued while they are there), so they can go on to accomplish remarkable things.

As the founder of his company, InspirAction, and head engagement officer with Simon Sinek’s team at Start With Why, Stephen serves those inspired by the movement to inspire and live in service to others. He speaks, leads workshops, consults and coaches to help leaders and organizations discover, articulate and live their Why–their driving purpose, cause, or belief, with clients including the Business Development Bank of Canada, the Ontario Provincial Police, Rutgers University, Travel Alberta, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and the Toronto Management Exchange.

Stephen graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business with an Honours in Business Administration, focusing on leadership, communication, and strategy, and also co-hosts and co-produces the Start With Why Podcast, downloaded in over 150 countries worldwide.


The Art of Likability with Arel Moodie

November 29, 2016

Arel Moodie is a national best selling author and has been a featured speaker at the White House and has been personally acknowledged for his work by President Obama.

Inc. Magazine called Arel a “High-Energy, Motivator” and named him to their “30 Under 30 list” of top American entrepreneurs under 30 years old joining people like Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

Essence Magazine said “Arel should be the poster boy for rags-to-riches stories…He is America’s Top Young Speaker.”

Arel has been quoted in The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Portfolio, Fox Small Business, Yahoo! Finance, & USA Today.

Arel was named by the prestigious St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland as one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow.

Black Enterprise Magazine named Arel as one of their “Tycoons Under 35”.

Arel Moodie has giving many popular TEDx talks including topics such as likability and innovation. He hosts one of the top career podcasts on iTunes, The Art of Likability, which is listened to in over 140 countries world wide. He is a contributor to Forbes, The Chicago Tribune and Huffington Post as well.

Arel grew up on welfare in the projects of Brooklyn, NY where he witnessed those around him being murdered and imprisoned.  Using determination and applying what he teaches in his presentations he was able to build a million dollar event production and education company while still in his 20s.

As a professional speaker he has spoken to over 300,000 people in 48 states and 5 countries. 

For fun, Arel likes to dance; he has preformed at Madison Square Garden and his wedding dance video on YouTube has over three million views


Internet Business Mastery with Jason Van Orden

November 22, 2016

I'm an internet entrepreneur and podcaster. My passion for business and internet marketing brought me into the podcasting space. Currently I work with companies and individuals to develop a internet marketing strategy, particularly using podcasting, blogging and other social media strategies.

I speak and conduct workshops on the topics of podcasting and internet marketing. Past speaking engagements include CES, the National Association of Podcasting, the Corporate Podcasting Summit and the New Media Expo.

I'm the author of "Promoting Your Podcast" which is available in all major book outlets.

In addition I'm always working on new ways to generate passive income online.

Specialties: podcasting, podcast marketing, Internet marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click and paid search advertising, web site conversion, email list marketing, information marketing, blogging, social media