Lost Tapes: Douglas Ruark - Gratitude In Everything

April 4, 2017

Douglas is known for his kindness, compassion and warm smile. He builds connection and understanding to allow your values and aspirations to naturally arise in conversation. He draws out what is most important to you and helps you to find clarity from within.  Douglas isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions to challenge you to realize your dreams. He listens intuitively, and uses many tools, exercises and assignments to explore the magnificent potential within you, gets you in touch with your unique gifts and helps to ignite the courage within you to live the live of your dreams.

Douglas is currently pursuing his certification with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA), an accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF) training program.  Douglas has also received a certification for the Happiness/Success Coaching training with Robert Holden of London and creator of the Happiness Project.  Douglas has an extensive background in personal development work and was a highly in-demand certified personal trainer coaching clients one-on-one for many years.
Learn more at http://www.douglasruark.com/

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